What are nicotine pearls?

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There are a wide range of nicotine products readily available, some obvious ones you may know already include e-cigarettes, nicotine pouches, and gum, but one you may not have heard of already is nicotine pearls.

In this brief article we look into this latest nicotine alternative to help you gain a greater understanding of nicotine pearls and whether they are the product you should be using next to either move away from smoking, or remain smoke-free.

By the end of this article you will have much greater knowledge of nicotine pearls as a product, how they work, where to purchase them, and the answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Summary: Nicotine pearls offer a discreet tobacco-free alternative to smoking and vaping. Compact in size, they slowly release nicotine and flavour when placed under the tongue. This smoke-free alternative is currently limited on flavours and strengths available. There's no long-term data on nicotine pearls, but without tobacco or carcinogenic chemicals, they do appear to be a healthier choice than smoking cigarettes.

What is a nicotine pearl?

Nicotine pearls are a tobacco-free alternative to nicotine pouches, traditional tobacco, or vaping. As the name suggests, this pearl shaped nicotine is compact in size and is placed under the tongue to absorb as it slowly dissolves.

Available in a range of flavours, nicotine pearls at Nicswitch are currently available in an 8mg strength, although multiple can be used to increase the nicotine to 16mg or 24mg by using 1-3 pearls in one sitting. Designed to offer a discreet nicotine alternative, they have started rising in popularity, especially since the looming disposable vape ban and tax on e-liquids in 2026.

Who are nicotine pearls for?

Nicotine pearls are ideal for those looking to quit smoking or make the switch from vaping. If you've tried other Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) in the past with no luck, or taking the first steps to quit smoking then pearls such as Nicopop may be the solution you're looking for.

Thanks to being a smoke-free nicotine alternative, pearls are also ideal for use when smoking or vaping is not permitted in the likes of indoor public places including public transport. Compact in size they can easily be carried alongside a vape or other nicotine products to be used throughout the day when needed.

Although they are a great nicotine alternative, we do not recommend using nicotine containing products unless you already do so, or are looking to switch from traditional tobacco. We must also stress that nicotine pearls are prohibited for sale to anybody under the age of 18 in the UK. Nicswitch has an age verification system in place to ensure that we only sell nicotine related products to those of the legal age.



Discreet Limited flavour options
Tobacco-free Weaker individually
Smoke-free Less sensation than pouches
Can adjust nicotine dose Limited strength options

Are nicotine pearls safe?

Although the effects of long term use of nicotine pearls is currently unknown, they do not contain tobacco leaf and are not combusted for use which most likely makes them a much lower risk product when compared to traditional tobacco smoking. Using simple consumable ingredients with no sugar, they may also offer a more enjoyable experience over nicotine pouches known to create a tingling sensation on the gum.

However, it is still important to highlight that there is currently a lack of evidence to evaluate the long term health effects of nicotine pearls. If you're currently smoking cigarettes, they definitely seem a healthier choice whilst being a smoke-free alternative overall.

How much nicotine is in nicotine pearls?

Nicotine pearls by Nicopop are currently available in an 8mg strength. However, unlike nicotine pouches, pearls are designed to be used either on their own or to offer the ability to increase the nicotine dose by using 1-3 pearls for either 8mg, 16mg, or 24mg strength.

How to use nicotine pearls

Simple in design, nicotine pearls are designed to be placed under the tongue, once there they will gradually dissolve to release flavour and nicotine.

To begin simply twist the container to release a pearl then remove the container cap with the pearl inside and place under your tongue. The pearl will then begin to release nicotine alongside your chosen flavour until it has completed dissolved, there is nothing left to have to discard.

How many nicotine pearls should I use?

If you're a heavy smoker or vaper you may have a higher tolerance to nicotine, if this is the case you can use 1-3 nicotine pearls at a time to increase the strength to tackle your cravings when needed. If you are just starting with alternative nicotine products, then we advise starting with 1 pearl at a time.

Although more could be used at once, we only recommend using a maximum of 3 pearls in one sitting. It is always better to start with lower strength nicotine and working upwards for to find the perfect level for yourself and to improve your experience overall.

What are the best nicotine pearls?

Currently Nicopop nicotine pearls offer the best collection and design with a wide range of flavours including berries, tropical, fresh mint, and freeze mint. If you're unsure about what flavour you would prefer, Nicopop offer a discovery pack that contains four individual flavour packs to contain a total of 240 pearls to get you started.


It is clear that nicotine pearls offer a discreet, tobacco-free alternative to smoking and vaping. By offering a slow release of nicotine and flavour, they are ideal for when smoking and/or vaping is prohibited. Although they are lacking long-term data, they surely appear to be a safer choice than smoking traditional cigarettes due to not containing any carcinogenic chemicals.

If you're looking to quit smoking, transition from vaping, or replace any current Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) then they are definitely worth considering, especially with a growing collection of flavours readily available to improve your experience.

Please be sure to read through our FAQ below for more guidance on nicotine pearls. If you have any further queries, or would love to share your experience with this alternative nicotine, please be sure to leave a comment on this article and share it with others.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Nicotine pearls are relatively a new alternative nicotine product which is starting to gain popularity thanks to their discreet and simple design. First made readily available by manufacturer Nicopop, nicotine pearls have been around since 2023.

Unlike nicotine pouches, nicotine pearls are created to be completely soluble. If you swallow a single pearl then there shouldn't be too much to worry about. However, if you are concerned, or swallow more than one pearl you should reach out to a healthcare professional for guidance.

While the long-term effects of using nicotine pearls remain uncertain, they do not contain any tobacco and not required to be combusted to use which makes them a lower-risk alternative to traditional smoking.

Both nicotine pearls and pouches offer a smoke-free alternative to traditional cigarettes and vaping. Pearls offer a more convenient solution thanks to being completely soluble without the need to dispose of the product once used. However, nicotine pouches are available in a much wider range of flavours and nicotine strengths which could be a decision maker when choosing between the two.

Nicotine pearls and e-cigarettes are both offer a nicotine alternative to smoking, however they each have their benefits and limitations. Pearls are a discreet and smoke-free product which are ideal for indoor spaces, however, vaping offers nicotine consumption in a process that closely mimics smoking for the greatest chance of quitting smoking.


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