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Welcome to nicswitch, Europe's leading supplier of premium nicotine alternatives. For over a decade, we've been dedicated to providing high-quality products to support your journey towards a smoke-free lifestyle. Our extensive selection welcomes some of the highest quality nicotine pouches and pearls, featuring a wide range of flavours and nicotine strengths. From popular brands like Cuba, Killa, and Pablo to innovative nicotine alternatives such as Nicopop, we're dedicated to ensure that you have access to the latest and greatest in tobacco-free alternatives.

With our added commitment to fast international shipping, competitive pricing, and a customer-focused service, nicswitch is your premier choice for high-quality nicotine products. Join us in our smoke-free commitment and discover a healthier alternative to traditional smoking today.

Begin your path to a smoke-free, flavour-packed future today!
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We operate from our 10,000 square foot warehouse in the heart of Lancashire, UK.

We're strategically positioned close to Royal Mail, DPD and DHL hubs which is why we can offer reliable and rapid dispatch of your orders.

Our UK Deliveries

All our UK deliveries are made by Royal Mail, using the tracked service. Giving you SMS updates and delivery windows, so you know exactly when your order will arrive.

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Our EU Deliveries

We are an EU IOSS Member, we ship directly to your door and take care of the VAT for orders under €150, which means no customs delays or VAT to pay on delivery.

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Stay up to date with the latest nicotine alternatives, along with guides and expert information on nicotine pouches and pearls to help you pick the best tobacco-free alternative to smoking whilst enjoying a smoke-free nicotine experience.

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Are nicotine pouches safe?

You may have heard of nicotine pouches, but do you question how safe they actually are? This article discusses everything you need to know about the safety of nicotine pouches and how they impact y...

GuidesWoman holding a container of mint flavoured Nicopop nicotine pearls in her hand against a white and grey gradient background.

What are nicotine pearls?

We look into nicotine pearls to help you gain a greater understanding of the products and whether you should be using them to move away from smoking, or help you continue your smoke-free journey.