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Our Price Promise Guarantee

Here at nicswitch, we pride ourselves on delivering a diverse selection of alternative nicotine products at competitive prices to offer great value for your money. Our commitment to offering accessible pricing extends across our entire store to include nicotine pouches and nicotine pearls to ensure you receive the best deals when shopping online.

If by any chance, you happen to come across an identical item at a lower price elsewhere, rest assured that we've got you covered. Simply read through our guidance below, along with our Terms and Conditions and if it matches our policy let us know, and we'll match that price!

We Price Match on all Products

What Qualifies for a Price Match?

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Like for Like

Products must be the same brand, style, nicotine strength, and volume. Item must not be currently on sale and shipping rates and carriers should match to ensure there is an equal pricing.

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In Stock

Products must be in-stock and available for immediate purchase in the same volumes requested on the website you found the product cheaper and, with the same conditions on our website.

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UK Retailer

To ensure we accurately price match, the products you have found at a lower price must be from a UK based retailer, either online or a physical location for us to offer our price promise guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure we are transparent with our Price Promise, we've answered Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help you understand how, and why we offer a Price Match Guarantee for our nicotine products, and if there's anything you may have missed.

If you have any questions that do not appear to be answered here, please be sure to check through our guidance below, along with our Terms and Conditions.

Found it for less? Here's what to do:

1 - Gather Information

If you find the same product available elsewhere at a lower price than us, save the link to the product page or take a photo of the product and price and get in touch via our contact page.

2 - Get in touch

When you contact us, be sure to send a link of where you found the product, or take a photo if in a physical store. We'll then verify if the item and price qualify for our price promise.

3 - Price Match

If our team agrees with your request based of our terms and conditions below, we'll gladly match the price of the product(s) for your order to ensure you have the best price possible.

Get Our Price Promise

If you've found one of our products at a lower price then we definitely want to help you get it for a competitive price! We believe that you deserve accessible alternative nicotine products, and that's why our prices are among the lowest you'll find.

Please be sure to read through our guidance above, along with our Terms and Conditions outlined below before contacting us for our Price Promise.

We will do our best to price match any product you're looking for, although please bear in mind any Price Promise we offer must align with our T&Cs and guidance set out.