Nicotine Pearls

Nicotine pearls offer a discreet and tobacco-free alternative to smoking and vaping. Placed under the tongue, they slowly release nicotine and flavour similar to nicotine pouches, however, they are dissolvable meaning there's no need to dispose of them once used.

Pearls are ideal for those looking to quit smoking or make the switch from vaping, whilst also making a great alternative to nicotine pouches. With each pearl containing 8mg of nicotine, you can select your strength by using two or three at a time to welcome an increase to 18mg or 24mg in total. 

Explore nicotine pearls available by leading brands such as Nicopop which offer a range of flavours including Berries, Tropical, Freeze Mint, and Fresh Mint to welcome a unique alternative nicotine solution for your daily cravings.


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Nicopop - Discovery Pack (8mg)
Nicopop - Discovery Pack (8mg)
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Nicopop - Tropical Nicotine Pearls (8mg) - Front Medium
Nicopop - Fresh Mint Nicotine Pearls (8mg) - Front Medium
Nicopop - Freeze Mint Nicotine Pearls (8mg) - Front Medium
Nicopop - Berries Nicotine Pearls (8mg) - Front Medium