Nicopop is the leading manufacturer of nicotine pearls which welcome an alternative to smoking or vaping. Designed to dissolve under the tongue, Nicopop pearls gradually release nicotine similar to nicotine pouches and can be combined to deliver more nicotine if preferred.

Nicopop welcome a range of flavours including Fresh Mint, Freeze Mint, Tropical, and Berries each in an 8mg nicotine strength. If you're unsure of which flavour you'd prefer, they also offer a discovery pack to try all flavours.


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Nicopop - Discovery Pack (8mg)
Nicopop - Discovery Pack (8mg)
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Nicopop - Tropical Nicotine Pearls (8mg) - Front Medium
Nicopop - Fresh Mint Nicotine Pearls (8mg) - Front Medium
Nicopop - Freeze Mint Nicotine Pearls (8mg) - Front Medium
Nicopop - Berries Nicotine Pearls (8mg) - Front Medium