Nicopop - Tropical Nicotine Pearls (8mg)

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Nicopop - A smoke-free future

Nicopop pearls are available in four unique flavours; fresh mint, freeze mint, berries and tropical. Suitable for all nicotine users, simply let the pearl melt under your tongue for a convenient nicotine fix.

Convenient to carry around, in a bag, pocket or cigarette pack. Easy to dose, with several intensities, one pearl = light, two pearls = medium, three pearls - strong. Nicopop are sugar free, 0% tobacco and affordable.

Each tube contains 60 pearls and costs only £9.99.

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How to use

Discreet and practical, nicopop satisfies nicotine cravings at any time and without constraint, even in places where smoking is prohibited.

  1. Select your intensity (1, 2 or 3 pearls).
  2. Turn the measuring cap, take the pearl and let it melt under your tongue.
  3. The diffusion of nicotine is homogeneous, with immediate effect.



Xylitol, Coating agent, Flavour, Nicotine


8mg (one pearl) - 24mg (three pearls) nicotine/g




Tropical Fruit

Pearls Per Tube


Nicopop - Tropical

A tropical fruit cocktail with notes of passion fruit and orange. A delicious trip!

Precise Dosage

Each Nicopop tube contains 60 individual pearls which each contain 8mg of nicotine. Thanks to a precise measuring cap with a simple twist to release feature, you can control how much nicotine you consume by withdrawing 1-3 pearls when needed.

Comfort Experience

Nicopop pearls gradually melt under your tongue to satisfy your nicotine cravings discreetly while offering a mouth-watering flavour throughout the process. Thanks to the unique pearl shape design, the nicotine is absorbed evenly until dissolved.

Risk Reduction

Nicopop pearls are a tobacco-free product that do not require combustion to offer a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. With no solvent, or sugar, enjoy a lasting flavour and nicotine delivery without any calories or tobacco.

The Nicopop tube

A unique and discreet format, with a dispensing cap for precise dosage.

The Nicopop tube is 100% recyclable, and allows a conservation without alteration.

0% Tobacco

8mg/g of nicotine, 0 calorie, Sugar free

Convenient, discreet, anywhere, anytime

Nicopop Discovery Pack


Discovery Pack

Pack including the following 4 aromas - Fresh mint, Icy mint, Tropical, Red fruits.

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Answers to frequently asked questions

Patented technology, multilayer pearl for a perfect dose of nicotine.